Winton’s Heritage Truck & Machinery Museum celebrates our industry’s rich history with various events held around our region. These events bring the trucking community together by allowing clubs and owners of historic vehicles to share their stories and meet like-minded truckie enthusiasts. Find out what’s coming up and how to be a part of these special events!

11th Biennial Truckies Reunion

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When: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September 2023

Celebrating the 11th Truckies Reunion over two days, full of truck-related competitions including a truckies backing competition, a competition to identify the oldest working truckie, furthest travelled and most consistent truckie, as well as a Show & Shine event and the Grand Parade Spectacular.

First staged at the 2003 Winton Outback Festival, the reunion has continued to be held in conjunction with each biennial Outback Festival. With the formation of Winton’s Diamantina Heritage Truck & Machinery Museum in 2004, and the official opening of the Truck Museum in 2017, the Truckies Reunion now attracts large numbers of trucking enthusiasts young and old.

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